What You Need To Know When Buying A Domain Name From Us

Image 1. We transfer the name to you as soon as possible. 2. We'll walk you through the process 3. As soon as you contact as with your interest on buying a domain, well send you the terms, agreement and requirements to transfer 4. You can choose any DNS and hosting company Or you can use ours to park your domain while you choose and figure out your webdesign and hosting. 5. As soon as the agreement and process is done the name will be transfered to your name 6. We also have web designing and hosting services packages upon request 7. Due to the nature of the web products especially purchasing a domain name, it is strickly no refunds and exchanges. So make sure have chosen the right domain name before sending the payment. 8. You'll get your domain name right away.It will be that easy and fast. 9. All you have to do after the purchase and domain transfer is to make sure you maintain the website and registration name on any company you want every year. It will be that easy and fast.

Terms for Transferring Domain Names

  1. Upon successful transfer, you shall remain the registrant of the domain name and CyberMeg.com sponsoring registrar shall become the registrar of record. Your registration will be automatically extended by one (1) year when available by the domain name registry (please see the product disclaimers located on this Site for any applicable exceptions).

  2. Domain name registration transfers may only be initiated once acceptance of this Agreement is recorded, payment is made and the Administrative contact has responded positively to our email message asking for Permission to Transfer. The email message asking for Permission to Transfer will be sent to the Domain Name(s) Administrative Contact as identified in the previous Registrar's WHO-IS database.

  3. You agree to retain a copy for your own records of the receipt for purchase of your domain name. The Administrative Contact will be acting on behalf of the Registrant and has legal authority to initiate this transfer request. You are responsible for updating the Administrative Contact's email as identified in the previous Registrar's WHO-IS database.

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